Blackshape Aircraft

We are proud to present you with Ameri Flight Group's most recent affiliation with AmeriSuperCraft.

This new affiliation with AmeriSupercraft, brings to you, the chance of getting your hands on state of the art, full carbon, rectratable landing gear, fuel injected, tandem seat, military style, complex aircraft.

Available in two models (Gabriél and Prime), these two aircraft are equipped with full glass cockpits and deliver  to your fingertips top performance with Italian finesse.


Together with this partnership, Ameri Flight Group has created the Blackshape Training Center (BTC).
Headquartered at KEFD in Houston, Texas, with another branch in KDAB in Daytona Beach, Florida and a new location coming soon in California, Blackshape Training Center aims to bring to North America, the first fully dedicated training centers for future Blackshape owners, and general aviation enthusiasts.

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Initial/Transition Training                                   Cost

5 Hour Program/ Front Seat                            $19.995.00

8 Hour Program/ Frond Seat and Rear Seat       $29.995.00

Unlimited Hours of Ground Instruction

Advanced Transition                                          Cost
10 Hour Program                                           $3.200.00
Unlimited Hours of Ground Instruction

Besides our Initial and Transition training we also offer:

Recurrent Training
90 Days Skill Refresher
6 Month Recurrent Training

Blackshape Standardized Instructor Pilot Program (BSIP)

Upset Prevention/Take-off&Landing/High Crosswind Proficiency