Instrument Pilot ACS & Oral Exam Guide

Instrument Pilot ACS & Oral Exam Guide


All aspiring Instrument Pilots should have a copy of the Airman Certification Standards and an Oral Exam Guide to prepare for the assortment of oral exam questions they may face during their practical test. Unlike most publishers, Gleim combines the Airman Certification Standards (ACS) and the Oral Exam Guide into one convenient, easy-to-use book, the Instrument Pilot ACS and Oral Exam Guide.

The ACS portion is a direct reprint of the most current version of the FAA Instrument Pilot Airman Certification Standards at the time of print. It is followed by a reprint of the Flight Instructor–Instrument Practical Test Standards.

The Oral Exam Guide contains over 650 questions and is easily navigated via the detailed Table of Contents and the comprehensive index. The depth and breadth of these questions will give you a significant advantage as you prepare for your test.


  • Specific content is included for instrument-airplane students and Flight Instructor-Instrument applicants
  • ACS/PTS and Oral Exam Guide are included in one easy-to-use book
  • Oral Exam Guide contains over 650 questions
  • Oral Exam Guide's table of contents cross-references each question to the appropriate ACS/PTS Area of Operation to make studying more efficient

The Gleim Instrument Pilot ACS and Oral Exam Guide is a thoroughly researched tool that supports the entire Gleim system of oral and practical test preparation. You can count on Gleim to help you achieve your aviation dreams.

Table of Contents

FAA Instrument Pilot Airmen Certification Standards Reprinted
FAA Flight Instructor-Instrument Practical Test Standards Reprinted
     Addition of an Instrument Instructor Rating to a Flight Instructor Certificate
     Renewal or Reinstatement of a Flight Instructor
     Applicant's Practical Test Checklist
     Examiner's Practical Test Checklist
     Areas of Operations
Aircraft Information
FAA Instrument Rating Oral Exam Guide
     Part I: Single-Pilot Resource Management (SRM)
          Aeronautical Decision Making
          Risk Management
          Task Management
          Situational Awareness
          Controlled Flight into Terrain Awareness
          Automation Management
     Part II: Airmen Certification Standards (ACS) Tasks
          Preflight Preparation
          Preflight Procedures
          Air Traffic Control Clearances and Procedures
          Flight by Reference to Instruments
          Navigation Systems
          Instrument Approach Procedures
          Emergency Operations
          Postflight Procedures
FAA Flight Instructor-Instrument Oral Exam Guide*
     Fundamentals of Instructing
     Technical Subject Areas
     Preflight Lesson on a Maneuver to Be Performed in Flight
     Flight by Reference to Instruments
Appendix A: Sources
Appendix B: Abbreviations and Acronyms

*Includes only the CFII Tasks not covered in the Instrument Rating Oral Exam Guide

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