RA900 General Aviation Pilot Headset

RA900 General Aviation Pilot Headset

SKU: RA900

With a full flex boom, STEREO audio performance, and dual volume control, the RA900 headset offers all the details you're looking for.

The popular RA900 includes 24dB NRR, Clear Hear 50mm performance audio speakers, weatherproof push to talk (PTT) on the dome and 3.5mm music input jack for iPods and MP3. With Gel Ear Seals, stainless steel headband with Deluxe Comfort Head Pad and Deep Pocket ear canals, student pilots and flight instructors will enjoy the all-day comfort of the RA900.

Always be heard with the all new designed EM56 noise reflective cup microphone and wind block foam mic muff. Performance features include Total Shield cabling, gold-plated plug, and tough molded Y-block.





  • Dual Volume Control
  • Backup ATC Push to Talk
  • 24dB NRR Hearing Protection
  • Stay Put Full Flex Boom
  • Universal 3.5mm Stereo Music Port
  • Clear Hear Audio Speakers
  • NEW Cloth Ear Covers
  • NEW Gel Ear Seals
  • NEW Deluxe Head Pad
  • Wind Block Foam Mic Muff
  • Headset weight: 15.7 oz
  • Full 7 Year Factory Warranty


  • RA900 Headset



Is this headset Noise Cancelling?
The RA900 headset has passive noise cancellation and will block out 24db of noise.


If you're looking for an active noise reduction headset, try the RA950 or RA980.


What powers the headset’s circuitry? Are batteries needed?
The RA900 headset is powered by the aircraft's internal communication system. It does not require batteries.


Is the audio output mono or stereo? Will that have any hindrance for a student pilot?
You can choose between mono or stereo output using the switch on the cord of the RA900. Verbal communications have a higher sound quality using mono whereas music sound quality is better with stereo output.


Does this headset turn down the music when the plane's radio emits a signal?
The music function on the RA900 does not auto dim/mute when the radio emits a signal. The 3.5mm AUX port connects straight to the headset speakers and cannot determine when the radio is transmitting. Be sure to keep the radio volume higher than your music so you never miss an important message.


Does the AUX plug work as audio-out? Can you attach a recording device and have the audio feed from the headset to the recorder?
No, the AUX plug does not support audio out, it is only an input directly to the headset speakers. In order to record flight chatter, you will need to determine if your aircraft's internal flight comms have an AUX out port. If this is not readily available, we recommend using the RRP2EX Portable Aviation Intercom.

Do you have to press the push-to-talk (PTT) button on the eardome to communicate?
If your airplane has another PTT like on the control stick or collective, you don't have to use the one on the headset. The PTT on the headset is there for your convenience or in case your main PTT fails.


Will this headset work...in a commercial aircraft jumpseat? In a helicopter? with a David Clark System? For In-car communications? As a computer gaming headset?
The RA900 headset was designed as a general aviation headset to be used with an aircraft’s internal communication system that accommodates dual plugs (also known as PJ plugs). Any aircraft that is compatible with dual plugs will allow for optimal performance of this headset.


With slight modifications or cable adaptors, this headset can be used in a variety of scenarios but it is not recommended.

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